In the fall of 1954, Our Lady of Confidence Day School opened its doors to educate children with special needs in a Catholic environment.

As an accredited Catholic, premier special education school of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, our mission is to facilitate the complete development of the students with intellectual disabilities to their fullest potential, spiritually, intellectually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Our program embraces the value of life and is committed to guiding students towards seeking God’s purpose for their life and fostering independence to become vital, contributing members of the local community and the greater global society.

We believe:

- Every student is a gift from God and sent to us to love, nurture, protect and respect.

- Every student should be offered the opportunity to develop the skills needed to be joyful, faithful, and successful in the workplace.

- Every student should be equipped with compensatory skills and strategies to continue on the path to independence in accordance with their God-given abilities.

- Parents, teachers, students, staff, and volunteers are partners in education and all supportive relationships enhance the learning capabilities of all of students.

- The cultural diversity of God’s faithful people is to be embraced and celebrated.